Why Us

Creative, researched, quality content to build your online presence and generate leads!

We create B2B content and custom content marketing plans for our clients that generate good quality leads and nurture leads through the different stages of the B2B buying cycle. We do our research before suggesting solutions or writing web content. We take the trouble to get to know your products and market.

As your content marketing partners, we will complement your efforts, because we understand the challenges before a CEO / CMO and Marketing team in fulfilling their objectives. We leave no stone unturned to help you reach your objectives.

We care about our client’s brand and undertake to build it. We are mindful of the short term and long term impact of our actions on your target segments and audiences. Our actions are responsible actions.

  • Our content is original and creative, researched, brand conscious, SEO friendly, social - thus getting inbound traffic to your website and leads.
  • We take care to address the content needs of your varied B2B audiences at different stages of the buying cycle.
  • Our content is high in quality – we ensure it meets client goals, communicates effectively; is original and error-free.
  • We use the appropriate content format of (text, blog, images, infographic, presentations, video) for different messages / audiences to communicate effectively.
  • To reach distinct audiences/ market segments, we recommend and employ various channels.
  • Mantran acts as an extension of your team to deliver content and provide the skills and tools you may not have in-house.
  • While planning your content strategy or writing content we think of the overall performance of your website in terms of brand, traffic, engagement, conversion, lead generation, customer acquisition, technical performance, and usability.
  • Our aim is to make marketing efforts on website and channels deliver measurable results such as traffic, page views, staytime, inquiries or leads and engagement.



A Comparison of Social Media Platforms for B2B Marketing

A Comparison of Social Media Platforms for B2B Marketing

In 2016, the primary digital marketing activity for 66% of B2B marketers in India was found to be social media marketing. Brand awareness, driving engagement and increase in traffic were found to be the top three social media marketing benefits; LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook the top 3 social media channels to reach customers.On the face

Email Marketing for B2B Businesses

Email Marketing for B2B Businesses

In an era of inbound marketing, social media, blogs and such, why are we writing an article on email marketing? This is because it’s value for businesses in creating sales leads and revenue, and retaining customers remains undiminished. Email marketing for B2B remains an important, cost-effective, easily created/designed, forwarded and easily measurable solution to drive