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Newsletters are a recognized way to build engagement or customer loyalty. We help design newsletter programs and create content to help you reach your goals over time.

For Customers: We strategize, write and design newsletters for your customers to ensure retention and create opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell.  

For Interest groups: We also specialize in creating and delivering newsletters to a subscriber base or interest group that you want to target.

We help you to deliver real value to customers

  • Original newsletter content
  • Deliver valuable content to your customers
  • Planning the newsletter content
  • Boost your audience engagement
  • Provide opportunities for cross-selling
  • Build trust
  • Encourage sharing

Importance of newsletters for your business

Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter


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Stay connected and build engagement with your customers or other interest groups.

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Email Marketing for B2B Businesses

Email Marketing for B2B Businesses

In an era of inbound marketing, social media, blogs and such, why are we writing an article on email marketing? This is because it’s value for businesses in creating sales leads and revenue, and retaining customers remains undiminished. Email marketing for B2B remains an important, cost-effective, easily created/designed, forwarded and easily measurable solution to drive

B2B Lead Generation through Social Media Marketing in India

B2B Lead Generation through Social Media Marketing in India

As a B2B business in India, are you using social media marketing to generate leads? In the US, B2B companies generated 3 times more leads through social media than other traditional channels1. India also reflects the trend. 69% of Indian B2B marketers acknowledged Social Media Marketing to be one of the primary content marketing activities