About Mantran

Creative, holistic and winning Content Marketing solutions. With the wisdom of four, not two!

Two heads are better than one, and at Mantran, we offer the wisdom of four eyes, not two.

Located in Bangalore, India, Mantran offers complete content marketing services to generate leads and improve the online presence for B2B businesses. We create targeted web and social content, blogs, graphics, videos and so on. By providing fresh, relevant, researched and contextual content, our clients get relevant inbound traffic on their website with improved conversion rates.

As specialists in B2B marketing, we design custom content marketing plans for our clients that nurture leads through the different stages of the B2B buying cycle.

We have experience with marketing in the online and digital world for over 15 years. We have worked with Software product companies, IT, ITES, Telecom, Schools and Non-profits. We have helped our clients achieve their marketing and communication goals.

People at Mantran are innovative and creative in their approach, meticulous in their research, and follow processes to achieve consistent quality. Our specialist partners help us deliver websites, graphics and video.

With the wisdom of four, not two.



Why does your website need fresh content?

Why does your website need fresh content?

You have just spent 3 months working on your new website and you wonder why you need to write new content again. Why is fresh content required on a regular basis?The fundamental reason is that content gets stale over time as your company introduces new products and services or features. This needs to be announced

A complete website re-design – Why and When

A complete website re-design – Why and When

As your organization is judged a great deal by its website, it’s important that visitors are impressed by your website. Not only impressed but are able to find information and interact with your website suitably, either on desktops or their smartphones. A good design will lead to better communication, usability and hence more stay time