A complete website re-design – Why and When

17 August 2015, mantran

A complete website re-design – Why and When

As your organization is judged a great deal by its website, it’s important that visitors are impressed by your website. Not only impressed but are able to find information and interact with your website suitably, either on desktops or their smartphones. A good design will lead to better communication, usability and hence more stay time and leads. 

When we say website re-design, we’re not talking about changing the look and feel alone. Re-design refers to changes in how content is organized and presented, navigation, functionality of the website, technology upgrade and more.

Why should an organization opt for a website re-design?

  • To get results: You find your website is not generating the leads and interest that it should.
  • Re-position: As your business grows or changes, re-position and re-organize content to make it relevant once again and communicate the message better. This may require changing the complete structure of the website.
  • Ensure a mobile friendly site: As more and more users search on their mobiles, it’s imperative that your website displays well on laptops, tablets and smartphone. The solution is responsive design where the user does not need to expand text to read.
  • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with various new web browsers and technologies on the desktops and mobile devices.
  • Include new media: You would like to stream live video, or feeds from social sites. To do this you may need to re-design your website.
  • New fresh design: Depending on the kind of business you are in, you can make the site look fresh and current with new layouts, spaces, images, use of videos.
  • Dynamic website: are you able to quickly update information on your website? Build your website on a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Expression Engine to enable quick and easy changes and keep it fresh. Fresh content will get your website better ranking on google search results.
  • Improve usability and functionality: Visitors abandon a website if they cannot find information easily, or a site that is difficult to use. Usability guidelines and best practices can be incorporated in a redesign ensuring customer engagement.
  • Technology upgrades: If your site has some technical errors popping up constantly, or if it loads very slow, you may want to investigate and fix them. If they cannot be fixed the answer may be a complete re-design.

When should an organization re-design their website?

When you discover that you cannot achieve your objectives with small changes. The website structure is extremely mixed up, or the old technology on which the site was built, cannot be used anymore and hence a complete overhaul is required.

However, we do not believe that a complete website re-design is required always. The guiding principle is to make the website more usable by your customers, and communicate better to them and to make only those changes that will enhance the user experience and get better results.