Why does your website need fresh content?

17 August 2015, mantran

Why does your website need fresh content?

You have just spent 3 months working on your new website and you wonder why you need to write new content again. Why is fresh content required on a regular basis?

The fundamental reason is that content gets stale over time as your company introduces new products and services or features. This needs to be announced to the market. Sometimes a company needs to reposition its products in response to competitors’ positioning. Another reason is to acquire a new audience and content has to be written to make sense to this audience. Or, just that the current positioning needs to be communicated correctly to your market to connect to the target group and bring in business.

A good practice is to analyze your Google Analytics data regularly; and when you do this, you find that certain pages are not generating results, and the solution is often to improve content or present it better. Sometimes it needs to be presented in new forms like infographics or videos.

Oftentimes when the website is not up-to-date, Sales people stop referring the website to prospects or customers; instead start sending out company profiles in PDFs or PPTs. Now, your website contradicts the new messaging and this causes brand distortion in the mind of the customer.

A big reason to keep introducing new content is that Google rewards sites with fresh content and gives a higher ranking in the search results. This doesn’t mean that a B2B business needs as much fresh content as a B2C website. You compete for ranking in search results within your own industry.