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Why is content marketing crucial for Indian IT companies in 2018?

26 December 2017, mantran

Why is content marketing crucial for Indian IT companies in 2018?

Why is content marketing crucial for Indian IT companies in 2018?

Selling IT services is no joke! Selling IT services worldwide is really no joke at all. IT companies in India market their services across the world. As with all selling, it involves starting conversations, keeping them going, and pushing IT buyers through different stages of the rather long buying journey. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, where selling cycles can be very long, your effort shouldn’t stop here.

You need to find new and better ways to get closer to your existing or prospective customer. One way is to have relevant, well researched, and powerful content.

The IT buyers, whether in India or outside, need content to understand technology and trends in the area they are interested in. When  technology buyers require an IT solution or services, he or she wants information on available solutions, custom solutions, technologies, best practices, trends, use cases and such. The IT buyer’s journey begins with a search for this information followed by searching for vendors who offer these services.

Content marketing involves creating a variety of useful content for buyers, with their interests in mind. Though it requires time and effort to create multiple content pieces, it engages your target audience at a more meaningful level, as they find it when they’re seeking the information. It converts strangers into friends, and then into customers. A social media post or a blog can help start a conversation with a buyer, without any pressure to buy.

So how can content help Indian IT companies attract buyers and keep them engaged? 

Geographically dispersed buyers

With widely dispersed buyers all over the world, it’s not possible to meet IT buyers all the time. Content plays a role in bridging the gap.

Software and services are intangibles

Whether you sell software products or services. You need content – web content, articles, infographics, presentations, videos and so on to explain it.

Keeping in touch through the selling cycle

The IT services selling cycle is long, involving 3 or 4 people in the buying committee and comprising of  user department, IT department,  CTO, and perhaps even the CEO. Making a phone call would be intrusive, but sending regular articles or other content helps remind the buyer of your product or service without being intrusive. Also, relevant content can help push the sale.

Buyers starting their buying cycle with research

This is where useful articles and blogs could bring the buyer to your website, and help build a relationship of trust over time. He would very likely contact you in course of time.

Cannot meet prospects before they are ready for the appointment

They should have read about your services, familiarized themselves with the best practices and your area of specialization before they meet you. The best chance of success is when they ask to meet you.

Building trust

IT companies, operating from afar, need to build trust in themselves. By offering content that is relevant, informative, and actionable, trust is built in the vendor.


Many salespeople are unable to describe IT services clearly with benefits. Producing and distributing great content overcomes this challenge.


As Indian IT  companies seek to stand out in a competitive industry, domestically or internationally, content can be a great differentiator. Content marketing focuses on creating good quality content that pulls people to your brand and business. Making content available when buyers are actively looking for it online gratifies the buyer and builds trust.

As long as you know what and when to expect, content marketing is worth it. Start working on a strategy today and get great results in the future. Sow today, so that you can reap its benefits tomorrow.

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