Sustainable Social Media Marketing

2 June 2017, mantran

Sustainable Social Media Marketing

There is a global campaign to promote 100% renewable energy use in the world by companies such as Google and Facebook. The Social Media giants  are moving their data servers towards clean energy – the servers that store and power all social media posts and marketing.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft (acquired LinkedIn 2016) have all been investing in developing wind and solar farms for their data farms and offices. Google, which has invested in solar and wind energy for a decade, intends to get to a 100% use of renewables by 2017. Facebook aims to power all its operations with at least 50 percent clean energy by next year. In October 2015, Microsoft was named a Green Power Partner of the Year by the EPA for the third time in four years.

So, while you manage your company page or advertise on social media, when you post a message, a picture, a video, and every time that its liked and shared, and data moves back and forth, its getting powered by clean energy. Social media giants are now making it happen with clean energy at surprisingly low costs, sustaining, and encouraging others to sustain our green world in the process. Let’s do more feeling good about it!

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